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Charter of the San Francisco OpenBSD Users Group

Originally by Mike Ray, 2 Oct 2002. Last updated (HTML-ification, copy editing and organization) 20 Apr 2003 by Chris Palmer.

"[The] President" changed to "[el] Presidente [for Life], 7 Feb 2004, after unanimous agreement by officers.

Mission Statement

This group is founded to advance the process of secure computing, the use and enjoyment of OpenBSD in that pursuit, and the well-being and improvement of our members, the surrounding community, the Internet as a whole, and all others.


Times and Locations

Currently we meet at Sunset Pizza once a month, on the first Tuesday. Meetings begin at 7 PM and run until we get tired, around 10 PM.

There are also Saturday meetings, on the second Saturday each month, starting at noon. The location is Cole Valley Cafe.

Meetings should occur in a given location at least three times before they can be moved to another location. This is to make our advertising more effective, avoid confusing people, and to give a particular location a chance before we 86 it.

Meeting Voting

  1. Only issues which are brought up via the membership mailing list (2) two days before a meeting can be voted on.

  2. Votes will be by simple majority, the secretary has the tie-breaking vote in any ties. The meeting chair can vote.

Meeting Procedure

  1. A modified robert's rules of order will be used to run the meeting.

  2. Meeting chairs can be rotated, and lacking anyone willing, will default to the secretary, then to el Presidente. Reason: meeting chairing is a good skill and should be rotated to give more people a chance to learn and improve this skill.


Non Voting Membership is open to anyone who attends at least one meeting in a year. After one year membership lapses. A member acquires the right to vote on their second meeting.

Exception: For the purposes of adopting this charter people who have attended only one meeting may vote on adopting this charter on their first meeting.


  1. Position of SFOBUG Presidente for Life, and that that person is elected in a designated general meeting once a year. Term limits will be one year, consecutively. Meaning that a person can be el Presidente more than one year, but not following any year they were already El Presidente.

    Reason: this encourages other people to hold the office, encouraging other people to develop organization skills, and gets "fresh blood" into the office.

    That an exception to the one year limit can be made with a unanimous vote of the entire voting membership.

  2. That we create the position of mailing list administrator, and that this person is appointed by el Presidente.

    That this person would create, maintain, and otherwise administer the mailing lists of the SFOBUG as they see fit.

  3. That we create the position of Web Site Administrator to maintain the SFOBUG web site. This person would also be appointed by el Presidente.

  4. Secretary -- that we create the office of secretary to maintain meeting notes, attendance, domain name registration, etc. This office would also be appointed by el Presidente.

  5. Publicity Coordinator: free and non-free advertising.

Expectations for Officers

  1. Officers are expected to be at all meetings. Failure to show up to even one meeting without notifying someone may result in removal from office. Failure to show up to two meetings without notifying someone will result in removal from office.

  2. Officers will be expected to give reports from time to time about the area under their control -- numbers of people on mailing lists, hits to pages on the web site, unfilled speaker slots, and so on.

Abdicating/Removing an SFOBUG Officer

An SFOBUG officer that has been appointed by el Presidente may abdicate by emailing el Presidente or the mailing list, or by letting their membership lapse.

A Presidente may remove an officer for good cause, including but not limited to a)not doing their job, b)gross incompetence c)causing harm to the reputation of the SFOBUG and so on.

For the sake of simplified record keeping meeting attendance will start on January for all members -- so becoming a member is good for one year Jan-Dec, not a year from the meeting attended.

Impeaching a Presidente

A Presidente may be removed early from their 1 year term by a motion from a member, with a second, and then a 3/4ths vote of "no confidence" from the membership at a succeeding meeting (i.e. over the course of two meetings).

This motion must state a good cause for removing el Presidente (i.e. gross incompetence, failing to do their job, and so on).

Presumptive Voting: Votes will presume to be passing, without any indication of opposition by voice or email. An example vote would be "Is anyone opposed to the charter as posted on the web site?", if no one says that they are opposed, then the motion carries. If anyone opposes, then it goes to a voice vote, then counting hands, or at anyones request, a hand ballot that can be secret as well.

Mailing Lists

  1. That a general purpose mailing list for anyone be created called This list would be moderated, and postable only by SFOBUG members or officers, and would generally only announce meetings, events, and so on.

    Reason: there are people who are interested in the SFOBUG, and who might be able to come to a meeting at some time in the future, but who don't need to see internal "chatter" email.

    Alternately this list could be created unmoderated.

  2. That an internal member-only (both non voting and voting) list be created, or that the current list become this list. This list would be only for people who we have met in person, and have indicated a willingless to attend one or more meetings per year. This list would be unmoderated, but subscribing would be done manually and would not be open to the public.

    Reason: this might promote more conversation among members since we don't have to wonder who is lurking on the list or why.

    Alternately this list could be created open and/or moderated.

Adoption of this Charter

To be adopted this Charter must gain more votes than any compteting Charters, or must get more votes in favor of adoption than opposed in the absence of any competing Charter.

This Charter may be amended by posting an amendment to the website, posting the intent to make an amendment to the members mailing list, and then having a majority vote (in person or electronic) in favor of the motion.

Electronic Voting: Votes will be counted by email for any particular purpose, but must be sent before the meetings take place.

Late electronic votes will be acknowledged but not tallied in the final votes on any issue (i.e. a note will be made indicating a vote was obtained but not what direction the vote was cast in since the vote isn't valid).

Ideally electronic votes will be sent via email a full 24, or preferably 48 hours, before a Tuesday meeting.

Tuesday meetings are where voting issues will be discussed and voted on.