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BSD- and Unix-Related Stuff in the Bay Area

In no particular order. You might also want to see John Brewer's listing of Bay Area technical meetings.

WiFi Meetup Day
7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of each month.
Bay Area Wireless Users Group
Silicon Valley BSD Users Group
Well-organized group of *BSD (Free, Net, Open, BSDi, OS X) people.
Bay Area BSD Events
Berkeley Unix Users Group
Bay Area Linux Events
Bay Area NetBSD Users Group
Bay Area LISA Group
Bay Area NeXT Group
NEXTSTEP was based on 4.3BSD and Mach, and is now known as "Mac OS X". :)
Bay Area Python Interest Group
High-quality speakers at a very agreeable meeting place.
San Francisco Perl Mongers
You do know Perl, don't you?
Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group